I’m here, I’m steamy

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You read that title right, people!

Karolyn James is here… the unleashed side of a different writer, and one you may have not seen coming.  😉

So… who am I?

I’m a writer.

I love love.

I love relationships.

I love sex.

And face it – love, relationships, and sex all go together in our lives.  Some of us don’t like to talk about sex, but I do.  I don’t write sex scenes for the purpose of sex, but rather to explore people’s relationships to the deepest core… and trust me, nothing is deeper than sex, right?  😉

I’ve written hundreds of stories and I can finally start to share them.  I’m creating books, characters, and series that will last forever, as they sit on a virtual shelf for your reading pleasure.  Of course, without you, the reader, I wouldn’t have purpose to share my books, would I?  So, from day one of this cool new site, I have to reach out and thank you all.  For those who have supported all I’ve done, right here to this sexy, new world I’ve created, you are my inspiration and you are in my heart.

Now, with that said, it’s time to enjoy some books… let’s bring in the love, let’s bring in the relationships, and let’s bring in the sex.  My books are hot, my books are steamy, and my book have purpose.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you… 

❤ kJ


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