So, really, who am I?

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It’s funny, because even though it’s well known that Karolyn James is a pen name (it even says it on the book covers!), I still get asked all the time about who I really am.

The fun thing about writing right now is that we as authors can be anyone… but at the same time, we as authors are more exposed and have a shorter reach to our readers.  For a lot of writers I know that scares them, being so close to readers.  For me, I embrace it.  I welcome it.  I say ‘Come on in, relax, have a drink, and if you want… grab a book!’

The ability for a reader to write me an email is part of the reason I write.  See, a while back, in the midst of a romance book, I came to a point where Male and Female were about to enjoy each other’s company.  I was left hanging… and as with some romances, you are left hanging – usually a one sentence thing about them heading to the bedroom.  I then thought to myself, ‘why hide it?’  Wouldn’t readers want to know what happens in the bedroom?  I mean, get serious here, I just created these two people and brought them together.  They are already exposed to you, right?  So why not bring you, the reader, into the most intimate of acts… sex.

This leaves a door wide open.  Some people like sex, some don’t.  Some want it graphic, some don’t.  We can call it intimate, intercourse, sex, or even down n’ dirty with the word, fucking.  And why the hell it?  We all have sex.  We all fuck.  And guess what… there’s a difference.

So I explore the difference between the two in my stories.  Some are sex… Male and Female, each other’s company, their emotions running high and working to climax the story and themselves.  Then there are the times where it comes down to fucking.  Male dominating Female in a wondrous fantasy that we all have had.  Lucky for me, I live out that fantasy every day when I write.

This is why I’m here… the ebook world has open its doors where I can write romance, I can write steamy romance, and I can write erotic romance.  I love all three, read all three, and embrace all three.

So… really, who am I?  I’m a writer of things you want to read.  I bring your cute dreams to life and I bring your naughtiest fantasies to life.  Yes, I am a person, someone beyond the pen name, but why should that matter?  Would it ease you to say that I’ve sold thousand upon thousands of books?  That I’m an award winning author?  That I’ve appeared and worked on over two hundred published projects?  If so, then there you have it.  Be happy.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have a fantasy to live out.


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