Let’s talk LOVE

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I’m serious… whether you write erotica, erotic romance, romance… or read any of it, there’s love.

So let’s explore love the only way I know how:

  • L – is simply for LUST.  Laced in with love is a touch of lust.  You know it, and so do I.  Love is that wild emotion but what makes it so wild?  Lust does.  Love can be something beautiful or down right sexy and dirty.  Yummy.
  • O – is for OBSESSION.  No, not the kind where you sleep in front of someone’s house or tattoo their name on your body, but love includes some kind of obsession.  You may be obsessed with their looks, their attitude, the way they smile, or the way they pleasure you.  There’s plenty to be obsessed with… it’s sexy.
  • V – is for *look away if you can’t handle dirty words* VAGINA.  Whether you’re a man or woman, it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  Any woman reading this right now is smiling with a touch of rose on their cheeks.  Any man reading this right now is smiling too, imagining one.  It’s the perfect addition to love… and for my hot men who aren’t straight, you can substitute! 😉
  • E – is for EROTIC.  Cut the crap people… love is erotic.  It’s the greatest emotion and word in the world because of how much it holds.  That erotic need we all have makes us smile when we see the word vagina.  It makes us obsess about something on someone.  And it makes us lust.  It’s perfect, just like love.



So there you have it!  LOVE.  Spelled out, and defined.


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