Hooters and eBooks… one in the same?

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Sex sells… even in food.

Check out this article, I love it.

Restuarants like Hooters are experiencing huge growth, earning the same ‘breastaurants’.

It’s great.

How does it apply to me, or us, as readers and/or writers?

It shows that sex does sell.  I’m not saying just flat out sex, but the allure of sex – the look of it, the idea of it, and the enjoyment of it.  For those men who go out to eat at Hooters, they get some great food, some sports, and some good looking women who know they are being stared at.  It’s the perfect meal for a man.

Apply the same theory to women who read erotica and erotic romance.  They get a book, a story, action, some hot sex, and all of that comes in a simple package… an ebook.  An ebook you read on your Kindle, Nook, or the like, and nobody has to know about it.  A person reads erotica and erotic romance in privacy, exploring their personal fantasies not just with thought and images, but with an author telling you a story of it happening.  You’re living it through written word, and it’s HOT.

Just like the guy sitting, eating his wings watching baseball and staring at the waitresses perfect set of breasts, it’s a fantasy coming to life without going too far.

That guy at Hooters can imagine about having a woman as hot as the waitress, just as the woman on her couch could imagine what it would be like to be with a man like Alexander Porter… (who is Alexander Porter?  Find out here).

I love this article because it proves something we already know.  Sex is good.  Sex sells.  And there’s nothing wrong with it.  There’s nothing wrong with fantasy and enjoying life.  People do it with chicken wings and beer… and people do it with ebooks.

So with that said, to my women fans out there… send the hubby to Hooters with twenty bucks and cuddle up on the couch with your Kindle or Nook and enjoy yourself!  You’ve both earned it… never be afraid of sex, or yourself.


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