Wanna get… personal? ;)

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Don’t be dirty.  Okay, fine, be dirty!   🙂

I’ll be honest here… the best part of my job (other than actually writing) is hearing from readers.  I LOVE reading reviews but more so, I love when readers get in contact with me.  I just logged onto my blog here – for the first time in forever – and there were comments waiting for me.  I’ve gotten Tweets, DM’s, etc. and each time I hear from someone, it makes me smile.

I think that’s the coolest part of this job too… we are all together.  Writers and readers are together now, FINALLY!  We can chat, talk, and keep doing our jobs.  I write.  You read.  The world turns.

I want to make sure everyone knows I have an ‘open door’.  That means I want you to get in contact with me… it doesn’t have to be available for the world to see.  Email me!  Seriously.  I will make a personal pledge right here, right now that I will do my hardest to reply to every single email I get.  

Now, for the time lag between posts, I can only say that I’ve been doing nothing but writing.  The summer has been almost too hot to enjoy and it’s kept me inside, sitting in a chair, writing.  Which is good because I’m looking a five book series, a trilogy, and a few other projects coming out before the year is over.

So if I seem quiet, I’m working… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t email me!

For those who don’t have my personal email… it is Karolyn.James@hotmail.com

And as always, thank you for making my dreams come true.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Wanna get… personal? ;)

    linda said:
    September 16, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Enjoyed the book very much, getting ready to read the next one. Congrats Linda

    linda said:
    September 17, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    hello well i read all three books and must say i enjoyed reading them, am looking forward to more. I was hoping for more after i reading serving his needs Destination.

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