For His Taste

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Fat ass.
Fat thing…

Those words wounded her more than the gun in the burglar’s hand possibly could. 

Beth Colette, with the guidance of her late grandmother, had finally found solace in her very own thriving bakery. After a lifetime of stares, comments, and judgments, she was able to hide behind an apron, and a counter, in order to ignore the fact that her growing waistline was the subject of countless jokes.

On the night of the robbery, Beth chose not to judge the man begging for help. Consequently, she suffered abuse, both physically and mentally, yet all she can focus on is the fact that not even a criminal wanted to be sexual with her. What kind of mindset was that? What was wrong with her? Could anyone ever see beauty in her?

However, with her grandmother’s spirit, she decided that the man was not going to take anything else from her and opened for business the very next day.

Bobby Ians enters the bakery, in hopes of meeting the owner whose picture he saw in the newspaper. He is there on business, but quickly discovers there is much more pleasure to be had than business to be made…

Can they be the answer to each other’s problems or will it just be a lust filled night that starts in the bakery and ends between the sheets?


One thought on “For His Taste

    linda said:
    October 17, 2012 at 1:54 am

    I have enjoyed all of the books you have written so far, and look forward to more.

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