New book, small error.

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Well, as promised, I have a new release up and ready!  It’s a sexy, curvy erotic romance book… and quite honestly, perhaps my best stand alone work to date.

There’s just a *small* problem.  Amazon is having some technical issues and the cover isn’t showing on their site.  Yet.  That doesn’t mean the book can’t be purchased.  I’ll post the cover below so you all can see it before grabbing a copy.

I’d also like to note that even without a book, the book has been selling… and my heart is melting.  All of you are so special to me, supporting me, and that proves it.  Just on name and blurb alone, some of you have grabbed HIS NEEDS, HER CURVES.  Thank so you for the support, time and time again.

Here’s some information on the new book…

As a curvy woman, Katie Wilsons spent her life focused on her schooling and work and trying to avoid mirrors. Then a small sticky note from her gorgeous roommate, Sarah, with the dreaded words “we need to talk…” appears on her refrigerator. That night, she learns that Sarah is moving out because she just got engaged. Katie should be thrilled, even though she is jealous, but she can’t afford the apartment on her own, and now she’s in a financial and emotional mess.


Jeffrey Dandard is a savvy financial investor, a billionaire in his own right, who never takes a break from work. While in a meeting with a new company he is looking to invest in, Jeffrey’s go-to man begins joking about Jeffrey’s lack of housework. It just so happens that Sarah’s fiance is in the meeting and knows someone that is in need of money as soon as possible…


Knowing that Katie would never call, Sarah sets up the job with Jeffrey for her over the phone. When she tells Katie, she is not happy. It’s work she doesn’t want to do, but she has no choice since she can’t get out of the lease on the apartment. Katie is educated and looking for a full time job… With that in mind, Katie shows up at Jeffrey’s front door and suddenly realizes there is much more to this new position.


Jeffrey desperately tries to make Katie believe that she is beautiful and sexual. He cannot get enough of her curves. In return, she must help heal Jeffrey’s broken heart by uncovering his secret… Can they save each other or will their darkest secrets tear each other apart?




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