Change of Passion (Falling for the Billionaire #1)

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First day jitters are typical. So of course little mistakes, like getting on the down elevator when she’s supposed to be going up, would happen to Rebecca Smith on her first day at the HB-Ley Corporation. Little did she know, when the doors open in the garage, billionaire CEO Mr. Bradley would be just as surprised to see her as she is to see him.

Mr. Bradley is not even thirty years old, yet he has more money and power than anyone can ever dream of. What he needs though is a submissive woman who will be under his domination at all times, in all situations.

Rebecca’s body makes that choice before her mind even knows what is happening. Alone in the elevator with the sexy billionaire, she is lost in his aura. His sensual touching turns erotic, and then suddenly she is on the top floor of the company, bent over the nicest desk she’s ever seen. Outside the enormous window, autumn is beginning to arrive, everything is changing… will Rebecca, or Becky (as Mr. Bradley prefers), be willing to follow every demand and accept his submissive nature? Or will she be fired on her first day and sent back out into the crisp air to be blown away and forgotten like the fallen leaves?

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