Look what you did!

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I know I keep saying thanks on this blog, and there’s really nothing much more I can add to it… my gosh, you are all amazing readers and people out there.  I say that more than ever right now because you have sent His Needs, Her Curves into the Top 100 in Kindle Erotica!  AND… the book is almost ranked in the Top 1000 on Amazon.com!

It means a lot to me that so many people are out there buying my books and enjoying them.  I’m hard at work (I promise) getting the next book or two ready to go.  This week I saw the final two books of Snowed in with the Billionaire go live.  I’m now in talks for an erotic romance suspense series… the first book is actually written, just going over details, covers, and audience.  I assure you that there is more erotic romance coming, along with more curves.  😉

Until then, I give my heart to you all and say THANKS!

I also ask that you keep sharing your thoughts with me and online.  Post to Twitter.  Post to Facebook.  Post on your blog.  It means so much because you are all my audience.  I’m not out paying for advertising or commercials or billboards… I’m writing and putting the books for sale.  You’re the ones driving it up the charts.  So please, share this post with all your family, your friends, and someone you know who loves to read.


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