COLD INNOCENCE (snowed in with the billionaire #1)

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A wicked snowstorm

All Stephanie wants is a chance to go from temp to full time hire at the company she has been slaving away for. Trying to prove herself, she arrives extra early to Wolf Top Lodge, barely beating the troublesome weather. She arrives in great spirits, confident, but then quickly feels everything deflate when she’s told the lodge is closing for the weekend due to the weather.

Lust at first sight

He’s Nathaniel Anders, a billionaire CEO, and his eyes are now set upon Stephanie standing in the lobby. He sees more to Stephanie than she has ever dared to see before. Past her innocence, there’s a wild woman waiting, the perfect kind of woman… someone to tend to all of Nathaniel’s burning needs and desires.

The snow continues as night falls

As the storm rages on, so does Stephanie’s body. They are the only ones left in the lodge, snowed in for the weekend. The more she talks to Nathaniel, the more commanding he becomes. It is exactly what she needs. But before she can get a grip on reality, everything changes when Nathaniel catches her fantasizing about him. Stephanie soon finds that the sexy billionaire is hiding a secret from her and the outdoors may not be the only place with a storm.



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    Snowed in with the Billionaire Trilogy | Karolyn James said:
    December 11, 2012 at 1:54 am

    […] COLD INNOCENCE #1 […]

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