STORM OF LOVE (snowed in with the billionaire #3)

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Out in the cold

Blinded by the storm that is sexy billionaire Nathaniel Anders, and literally blinded by the blizzard all around her, Stephanie isn’t sure what to believe. Pain runs through her body, to her heart. At what feels like the darkest moment of her life, she realizes she needs Nathaniel. Not just now, but perhaps forever.

The protector, the lover

Her rescuer becomes her romancer. Nathaniel cares for Stephanie’s aching body and tender heart with care. He shares his warmth with her, in more ways than one. The sharing has no choice but to last all night long.

The storm ends… for now

The morning takes the terrible blizzard away and life tries to return to normal at Wolf Top Lodge. Stephanie awakes and feels anything but normal. She realizes she’s fallen for Nathaniel Anders. But he’s a billionaire, with a life outside the lodge, with things to do. Stephanie prepares to say her goodbyes to Nathaniel only to find that Nathaniel’s secrets run much deeper than she ever could have fantasized…




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    Snowed in with the Billionaire Trilogy | Karolyn James said:
    December 11, 2012 at 1:54 am

    […] STORM OF LOVE #3 […]

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