New book coming soon… Open For Him

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Oh, I just love that title!




I had a different title in mind and am so thrilled it was changed.  Sometimes giving up a little power pays off – lol!

So, to get everyone ready for next weeks release, I’m going to share the characters and the cover.  Then it’s up to you to Tweet it, Facebook it, and get as excited as I am!


First up is Macy Mareta… she’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she’s curvy.  She’s also hiding… everything.  By day she works as an assistant to an old college friend who found success as an artist.  By night she paints and draws, dreaming of a life where she can be free and not feel so hidden.  But deep in her past there are scars… scars that can still be seen…

A luck chance meeting occurs and Macy finds herself in the company of a sexy man named Derreck Hagan.  Derreck is wealthy, gorgeous, and the way he looks at Macy makes her feel… open.  Soon Derreck appears everywhere – in her mind and in person.  He pushes her in ways nobody ever has before, opening her.  He challenges her with her artwork and challenges her in the bedroom.

But the real secret is that as Macy allows Derreck inside (in more ways than one!) she’s also opening him.  Because while everyone has scars to hide… there is someone out there who will love you no matter what…


So there you have it… the next release!  As of right now it’s due for next Wednesday.  Don’t worry, you’ll all know the second it goes live!  I am SO in love with this cover.  It’s sleek and sexy… and I want to see the rest of the hunk on the cover!  🙂



One thought on “New book coming soon… Open For Him

    linda said:
    January 12, 2013 at 3:17 am

    Sounds like another good one, love the cover

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