An announcement.

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How serious does that sound?  🙂

Yeah, like I’m ever that serious…


Last week I received really good news about a current project.  While you’ve been reading, I’ve been writing.  For my loyal fans, I have a brand new erotic romance book coming in early March.  It’s curves with rockstars… and very steamy!

Aside from that, my long lost love of reading has taken me to the romance genre again and again.  And I finally have the chance to crack romance wide open.  I wrote the first in a brand new five book series that’s called Brothers of Rock.  Yes, it’s about a band but each book features a different member of the band.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never had so much fun writing in my life with this book and I hope it translates to you when you read it.  My really good news is that (1) the book is being released early!  It *should* see publication before the end of February!  This was supposed to be a spring project but because of the early response, it was pushed up.  Good for you, and me.  The second part of my good news is that I’ve been invited to head out on a huge romance blog tour this spring… I’ll be with over a dozen of the hottest writers out there.  So be ready, spring will be in bloom with plenty of romance.

And for those who prefer a little more steam with their romance, don’t worry, I’ve got plenty in the works.  🙂


As always, thank you all for the support.  You’re my romance story… I write and you read, now that’s true love.


Here’s the cover for the first Brothers of Rock book:



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