You have spoken… and you… win.

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That’s right.  I listen, trust me I do.  I’ll be honest for a second… when I wrote Stripped, I wanted a wild and fun rockstar story.  I wanted Gunnar to be hot and dangerous and Emily to be cute and innocent.  Together, they mixed like something insane and I loved writing the book.  It’s the longest stand alone book to date and since it’s release you’ve sent up the charts.  More so, the communication has been crazy.  “MORE GUNNAR!”  “WHERE’S BOOK TWO?!”

I was flabbergasted.  Seriously.  Rock Her Curves as a series is supposed to be stand alone books… but you were right.  Gunnar is too sexy.  Emily is too innocent still.  And they are both still in my mind.  Well, they have been for a long time (lol).  So, my big announcement today is that there will be a second book with Gunnar and Emily in it!  YES!  Book two in the Rock Her Curves series will feature Emily and Gunnar… it will be their second and last appearance before the series shifts to someone else, so you better enjoy it… I know I did writing it.  🙂


Release date, you ask?  I’m thinking… MAY.


Thanks for the support.  You win.  And I love you all for it!

One thought on “You have spoken… and you… win.

    glenda stracener said:
    April 2, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    thank you thank you

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