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I’m always trying to find way to make life enjoyable for myself and for you… there’s a fun little ‘thing’ called Three Word Wednesday. It’s for writers to get themselves to write something quick. The site posts three words and people write and share… so how about I partake in this… but I’m not going to write… how about Johnnie from Chasing Cross writes lyrics? How about… the rest of the band too???

Tell you what… I’ll even let you vote on who should write next! I’ll work the poll into my Facebook page, my Twitter account, and even here on the blog (somehow).  I want you all to be and keep involved with Brothers of Rock. This week, it’ll be Johnnie taking the reigns for the lyrics… then YOU vote for next Wednesday!

We can call it “Lyric Wednesday” even! 🙂


Also to note… I have a mailing list out! What does that mean? Well, most of you already follow me here, Facebook, or Twitter, but I now have a mailing list to sign up for. That means you can be informed of new releases and a newsletter that’s jammed with information, me answering questions readers have emailed to me, and even notes/letters from characters in my books!

Ready to sign up?


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