Everything I have right now I owe to you…

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Everything I have right now I owe to you, the readers. I wake every morning and think about who has read my books the night before. I think about those who will read during the day. Each time I get an email, Tweet, Facebook message, or a review talking about how someone couldn’t sleep because they kept reading… that’s my dream come true.

When my books became published, it seemed I had a set path to follow. But thanks to some begging, careful writing, and dedicated readers like you all, things have grown. Brothers of Rock was supposed to be an experiment… now it’s going to be a ten book series following two bands. Rock Her Curves was supposed to be one book… it turned into two books with an extension for two more. Even my western romance books that had been collecting dust for a long time were given a chance at life. And as of this writing, the three books released under the Claire Charlins name are in the top 10 in Kindle western with West For Love being #1! Because of you.

I’m writing to confess a secret… I have another pen name. Chances are some of you have ‘met’ this person. Some of you may have loved the books or hated them, I’m not sure. Thanks to your dedication to me, I’m able to bring this pen name to an end, thus allowing me to write more books for you all. Now – *drum roll* – I have also been writing under the name… London Casey.

There, it’s in the open now.

Yes. Karolyn James is London Casey.

For those who don’t know, London Casey writes new adult romance. The first trilogy I wrote was called “The Boys of DownCrash.” It hit the coming-of-age and new adult charts for a while in the summer. The reviews have been great and the fans loved it. But then I realized something. I don’t want to cater to two different fan bases. I want one. One for Karolyn James. If you like Chasing Cross, you’ll love DownCrash. If you enjoy Brothers of Rock, then why not read The Boys of DownCrash? The lines between romance and new adult romance come and go, which is fine, because it’s about the story. And what this means is that YOU, the readers, get more books to read.

The best part is this…

I have books written under ALL THE NAMES!

What’s on tap for Karolyn James? I’ve got Rock Her Curves and the 5th book in the Chasing Cross Brothers of Rock series!

For London Casey, there’s a new trilogy written!!!! YES, I know, it’s exciting!  The trilogy follows a couple who are caught up in each other but fate keeps pushing and pulling them away. The trilogy is my personal favorite writing(s) of this year. I can’t wait to share it!

And finally, for Claire Charlins, there’s more western romance!

Now, to explain my plan for London Casey… since I’ve been promoting the name and new trilogy, both the London Casey name and my name will appear on the covers. But after this trilogy, the name will be no more. It will be Karolyn James. That’s it. The only other name will be Claire Charlins – just to ensure readers can differentiate the western romance from the rest of the romance novels.

So go check out the London Casey page and grab The Boys of DownCrash trilogy! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Everything I have right now I owe to you…

    Roxanne Elmlinger said:
    September 20, 2013 at 2:34 am

    Just to let you know, I didn’t know you were London Casey, but I live the Boys of DownCrash. Keep writing! I live your stories! Roxanne

    ginamarie williams said:
    September 20, 2013 at 2:55 am

    I knew!!!
    Ok, so I didn’t actually “know it”, lol 😉
    Every once in a while, you’ll come across a book that just sticks with you for days after you’re done reading it. Both of these series do this. I mean, seriously, I bought BoR#3 the day it was released, finished in one day, and I STILL think about Danny crashing through the fence! I literally read a new book every other day, so that shows you just how much your characters stick with someone.
    Thank you for doing what you do! My kindle would be a lonely place without you ♥

    […] Everything I have right now I owe to you… (karolynjames.wordpress.com) […]

    […] Everything I have right now I owe to you… (karolynjames.wordpress.com) […]

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