Post Christmas News!

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I hope everyone had an amazing holiday this week! I know I did! It was a very busy week for me… cleaning, cooking, waiting for Santa, and then the joys of Christmas morning with two little boys. Between family and friends – including all of you! – it has been a memorable Christmas for me.

Now, let’s talk contest…

You all showed up and ROCKED my contest for December! Thousands of votes were thrown into the mix of it all. I had to track name by name by name of all 24 winners. I will be contacting ALL the winners very shortly. I’ll be friend-ing and then messaging the winners via Facebook, so be on the lookout for a friend request from my personal account! 🙂

Because of the success of this contest, I want MORE. I want MORE contests… because I want to give back to all those who have supported me and I LOVE connecting with readers. Thank you all for the support, honestly.

January is going to be VERY busy for me. I have three major releases coming. Fans of Brothers of Rock will get to continue with Fallen Tuesday and the first book – A Voice to Love. Fans of London Casey will get the first book in a brand new new adult trilogy – The Upside of Being Let Down. And for the fans of Claire Charlins… the Mail Order Romance series continues with book six!

And in other news, I’m having a Facebook party! The coming Monday, December 30th… I will be hanging out on Facebook chatting with readers and fans. I’ll be hosting a whole bunch of giveaways too so be sure to stop by and chat with me. I’ll answer questions on any books… and maybe even give some personal information up! Attend here:

Also to note… Facebook has been making some crazy changes and it’s actually harder to get posts visible! That’s why the LIKES /SHARES / COMMENTS are SO very crucial. So if you could take a quick second and make sure you at the very least like any of the posts you see from my page, it will help with the visibility. I’ll continue to do my best to communicate to everyone via Facebook, Twitter, my blog, but I would really be upset if anyone missed out on a book announcement or contest. Please keep that in mind and keep interacting on my Facebook page. I LOVE IT! 🙂


One thought on “Post Christmas News!

    Ebonchyld Darkmyth said:
    December 27, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    I love your books so much that if you ask me to share/tag/tweet until my friends unfriend me, then I will. 🙂
    I’m waiting (im)patiently for Fallen Tuesday to begin. – Ja Net

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