Welcome back to Ferry Creek! A Place to Heal (A Ferry Creek Novel)

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The second book in the Ferry Creek series is here!!!!

Ready for more of Sullivan and Jess? What about Bobby and Leslie? Don’t forget Tyler and Katey either. But this story focused around Darryl and a woman he helps but doesn’t plan on falling in love with!


A Place to Heal (A Ferry Creek Novel)


A small town built on family, hope, and a chance to find true love.


All Aribel Cromley can do is run. However, running into the arms of another biker was the last thing she wanted to do.
Darryl Stant has pretty much been the town outcast in Ferry Creek for his whole life, but he’s determined to prove that he’s not the man he once was. When he finds an injured Aribel, his only intention was to help her. Falling for her was not in his plan.

With nowhere to go until she heals, Aribel settles into Darryl’s house and even starts working at The Pot Diner. She begins to reconsider her original plan, until her past comes to Ferry Creek and soon, everyone is in harm’s way.

Darryl knows it’s his chance to show his gratitude to Ferry Creek for accepting him back by saving Aribel and the town.

Will Darryl survive the battle with his demons, or will another tragedy rattle the recovering town of Ferry Creek?


Fall Into #Romance *Giveaway H0P* – November 1-17th! HURRY and enter!

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Hey everyone! If you’re new here, then WELCOME! I’m honored to be part of the Fall into Romance Blog Hop running November 1-17th! The prizes are AMAZING… including a $50 Amazon giftcard, lots of books and swag from about 60 ‘hoppers’, and maybe even an extra prize from myself! (Details below!)

First, I want to thank Ann Marie Oakes for organizing this blog hop!

Now I want to talk about my two latest releases, both in romance, but in different sub genres. I LOVE romance so much because of the sub genres! We have contemporary, paranormal, western, new adult, and many more… but for me, my two bestselling series are in contemporary rockstar romance and western romance.

For those who haven’t read the Mail Order Romance series, why not check out the newest book in the series, Hope Found West? These are books that follow young women in the 1800’s as they make the decision to travel west in the hopes of finding marriage, family, and love. In fact, as of this writing, the first book in the series – West For Love – is STILL the #1 book in Kindle Western on Amazon!

Check out these reviews!

The story was really great and showed how hard life was in old West. This story also showed there is hope to find someone to really love you.

A wonderful story enjoyed it this book is a keeper. Looking forward to reading more of Karolyn James books. Awesome book

Good book, I have enjoyed this series. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to sit down for a good read.

Check out Hope Found West and the Mail Order Romance series here – MAIL ORDER ROMANCE PAGE!


For those who wanted something more modern, then check out the Brothers of Rock series. The fifth book in the series just came out and finishes up the story of rock band Chasing Cross. These books follow the members of the band as they play shows, tour the country, write music, and fall in love. The first book in the series – All Access – is still available for only $0.99!

Check out these reviews!

What can I say Karolyn James has done it again… This is such a fantastic read if you haven’t read this series I encourage you to do so you will not be disappointed…

What can I say about this book is freakin’ fantastic. I love this series. These books get better and better the boys of Chasing Cross will make you laugh and cry but in the end Karolyn James has captured each and everyone of them in there own way…
Check out Last Song and the Brothers of Rock series here – BROTHERS OF ROCK PAGE

NOW… how about some PRIZES!!!!!!
First up… one lucky person who comments on this post will receive a FREE ebook copy of Last Song (Chasing Cross Book Five)! I LOVE comments and I LOVE talking with readers…
NOW for the bonus prizes… included below is a way to enter a contest to win 1 of 3 $5 Amazon Giftcards! How do you enter? SIMPLE. Like my Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter. Tweet about this post/contest. Tell me how you found this contest. So easy and you could win an Amazon Giftcard!
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I’ll get the page going soon but it just hit on Amazon and I wanted to share it with you all!

This is the third book in the series but the first featuring Lacey Caey and Sixx… you don’t need to read the first two books to read this one! PLEASE enjoy… and remember, this is an erotic romance read. It’s steamy! 😉



girl's legs in sexy black fishnet stockings

Cover Reveal – Last Song (Chasing Cross Book Five) (A Brothers of Rock Novel)

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This is the last book in the Chasing Cross series… and it’s time to read about Rick. If you haven’t read the rest of the books yet, hurry and catch up! Last Song is coming October 2013.


Breaking News! BURIED NOTES is available on Amazon!

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Just wanted to pass along the good news that the fourth book in the Chasing Cross books is out! BURIED NOTES (A Brothers of Rock Novel) features Chris, bassist for Chasing Cross!!!!

Don’t miss it!

I’ll post the official page soon once the book is live on the other sites.

Get BURIED NOTES today!!!!!


Finally exposing a secret to his band after years of hiding, Chasing Cross bassist, Chris, confesses that some years ago, during a wild night, he ended up marrying someone. It was supposed to be a no-big-deal kind of thing, with a stipulation… if one of them fell in love or wanted to get married to someone else, they would divorce.


Chris has been served divorce papers, and it should be easy to just sign them, but he can’t. His heart won’t allow it.


Becky loses her mother to breast cancer and realizes that life sometimes really is too short. She finds the ring she received from a sexy rockstar the night she secretly married him. The memory should have been fun, but after being pushed into a corner to stay married while that rockstar’s band took off, Becky can’t do it anymore.


She sends divorce papers and waits… and waits… and weeks after sending the papers, she wonders what’s taking so long…


In a journey that forces Chris to step back in time to find his future, he knows he needs to find Becky – his wife. He isn’t sure what he’ll find, but he knows he wants the truth.


Was it love back then? Or just a crazy night with a rockstar?

New romance!

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I’m so happy to announce that my first western romance book is now available! This is serious stuff… and I LOVE it! 🙂

It’s a mail order bride romance set in the 1800’s, following the expansion of the US and layered with romance. Right now the book is only $0.99, so pick up a copy. It’s a steal.

West For Love
A Mail Order Romance Novel

Shamed for not birthing a child with her wealthy husband, Anna Stewbren can no longer face her family and the disappointment that they wear on their faces daily. After her husband forces her into divorce, Anna travels to town and reads a heartbreaking letter from a wet nurse in Kansas, seeking a mail order bride for the widower she works for. She instantly knows it is the answer to her prayers…


Josephine has a God given gift to nurture the infants of widowers and the wealthy who would rather not feed their own children. Never before has she met a man like Thomas who so deserves a second chance at love. When she pens a letter to a newspaper in Massachusetts, she does so without permission…


Thomas Calhor is a hardworking man, generous to those around him, and a loving father. However, he is broken and lost without his wife, who did not survive childbirth. His reaction to Josephine’s letter even surprises himself and begins a journey that will forever change many lives…


Arriving in Kansas brings Anna more challenges than she ever expected to find, but through love, honor, marriage, and a shocking secret that will forever keep her with Thomas proves that in romance, anything can happen…

Amazon US

Amazon UK

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My little secret

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Well, here it is… I’ve been working on a secret side project for a while now. My original plan was the release this next series under a pen name. But after reading it again and again, I can’t do it. I want everyone to know I wrote it. It’ll still be under a pen name, but you’ll know it’s me! Gosh, i hope that makes some kind of sense.

One of my favorite sub genres to read and write has been western/historical romance. Yes, I know, a little bit different than rockstar romance! But it’s great stuff to read, write, and research. My newest series is a mail order bride romance series.  All these books are going to be set in the 1800’s, during an interesting time in our country. A time when men went west looking for riches and a lot of women were back east, lonely. Men actually placed ads in local publications looking for a woman to travel west and marry them. Some of the men were rich, some poor. Some were widowers themselves. Some of the women going west were widows – a lot to due with the Civil War.

This is such an amazing series… I’ve poured my heart into these books. The first book – titled West For Love – will be out before the end of this month! It’s so wild… because Brothers of Rock #4 is coming out too!

I hope you take a chance on these books because not only is it a step back in time, it’s romantic. There’s something so hopeless and so romantic about giving everything up at a chance at love. Right? 🙂

Check out the cover and get ready… Mail Order Romance is coming soon!


Mail Order Romance #1

A busy summer update!

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I can’t believe August is right around the corner! What happened to my summer???? 😉

Oh, that’s right, I’ve been writing. lol

And updating this site/blog. I hope you like the new colors and look. I like it better. Here’s what happening in my world…

Brothers of Rock #4 is almost here! The end of August is going to be huge. I get to kick off book four and I’m heading out on a 12 day tour online plus a 12 week tour in the mix too! Plus for August I have about 12 dates for guest posts and interviews. It’s going to be busy!

I know some of you saw I mentioned about a secret project last week… yes, that’s all true. I’m waiting for the approval (*hint hint* – August!) and then you’ll know everything I know. This is romance but a different sub genre.

For all the Rock Her Curves fans, don’t fret! It’s back in September! The third book, featuring Lacey Caey (the replacement photography in the second Rock Her Curves book). This book is HOT HOT HOT. I personally think it’s hotter than the first two Rock Her Curves books!

And if that isn’t busy enough, I’ve been working on something MAJOR. Actually, two major projects. One is a collaboration and the other is a series. A romantic, deep series with the setting of a small North Carolina town. You do NOT want to miss these books when they come out.

I really hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Read! Drink! Hit the beach! Because come fall… you’ll be glued to books. I cannot wait for October… pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin pie! The rustling of leaves! The first really cold night! The allure of Christmas! And of course, LOTS OF BOOK! 🙂


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Wednesday Lyrics (#6) – Chris

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WHOA! Chris won this week by a major landslide! How perfect… since his book is coming *soon*… hehe.

These are good words. These are good lyrics. Big thanks to all everyone who reads. 🙂

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My eyes, my memory, it’s delinquent,

but I ask, can you blame me? 

Can I be faulted for the hapless bones, the heart keeps swelling,

I spin, circle, and know.

My finger may not be on the trigger, but it’s on you. Always, on you.


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Wednesday Lyrics (#5) – Danny

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And this week Danny wins it! Thanks for voting… good thing because Danny has something to say. This is deep and personal. And for those who haven’t read Danny’s book – BITTER FAREWELL – get it now!

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When I saw you.
There goes life. There goes all.
My muscles are weak, flabby, the soul so easy to crack.
I’m indignant to this. To what I see. I feel.
I fall.
There’s something surrounding, a stench if you can see.
If you can feel.
When I saw you.

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